The Calendar tracks the end date & time for each phase (Submission & Voting) for each Step in an Open Workspace or Sprint, as well as the Start and Completion date & time for the Open Workspace or Sprint itself.

Accessible By:  Admins, Facilitators, Team Leaders, Team Members*, Observers*
*with some limitations



  1. Each Step is represented by a marker for the Submission phase (and a second for the Voting phase if applicable).  In addition, there is a marker to denote the Start and Completion of the Open Workspace or Sprint.  Click-and-drag the markers to adjust the end date.
  2. Click any marker to bring up a date & time picker to adjust the end time (and end date).
  3. You can manually enter the desired date and time.
  4. You can also click the Calendar or Clock icon to use a selector.
  5. Click the OK button to commit changes (or the X button to discard changes).
  6. Note:  The calendar only tracks days and times for this Sprint.  No other events can be added; but you can click the Subscribe buttons to import these dates and times into any other calendar that you use.