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My Home

My Home is the starting place for Sprintbase.  From here you can Create and access all of your Sprints, access various Resource Tabs and your Avatar menu.

Accessible By: Admins, Members*, Collaborators*
*with some limitations

  1. Access My Home from the Avatar menu
  2. Sort your current selection alphabetically or chronologically
  3. View your current selection in list or table view
  4. Filter your current selection by your Role 
  5. Filter your current selection by a particular Sprint Type
  6. Mark Sprint as favorite.  Search your current selection by keyword
  7. Hide, archive/delete, or add a Sprint to a Portfolio 
  8. Create a new Sprint in the currently selected Studio
  9. Filter Sprints by Studio 
  10. View your Favorites, Archive or Portfolios of the current Studio 
  11. View any available resources 
  12. Sprints in current view