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My Profile

From My Profile, you can set various preferences, including your image, name, login and email communications.

Accessible By: Admins, Members, Collaborators

  1. Access Profile from the Avatar menu
  2. Toggle between My Profile and your Sprintbase license info
  3. Add or update your profile picture by uploading an image from your local drive, or by importing your profile pic from your Facebook or Google account 
  4. Update your first, last and display name; this will not affect your account access
  5. Update your password
  6. To enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA) with email, tick the first box and then click Save Login Preferences; to enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA) with Google Authenticator, install Google Authenticator on your verification device (e.g. mobile phone), tick both boxes, click Save Login Preferences and follow the instructions on-screen instructions.  To disable 2FA, untick the first box
  7. Select any of the preferences you wish to enable.  These preferences are system-wide and will apply to all Sprints
  8. Click here to view Privacy and Data Protection policies.  From here, you may decline the Data Protection, but you will lose all access to Sprintbase and the content you have contributed; this is permanent and you will need to create a new account to re-register
  9. Click here to log out of Sprintbase everywhere you are currently logged in.  Note that simply closing a browser window does not immediately log you out (this must be done from the Avatar menu)