Using Mural & Sprintbase together


Keep collaboration organized & run multi-team workshops with ease 

Sprintbase lets MURAL users keep work organized by nesting, grouping and arranging multiple murals in a single, visual project workspace. 

It also allows workshop facilitators to manage multiple synchronous teams all in one place and using a single activity timer.

Single-click PDF output reports make it easy to share your team’s work.

Don’t have a Sprintbase account?


EXAMPLE:  Organizing multiple murals in a Sprintbase Workspace:

If you have a Mural account, you can add new and existing mural boards to Sprintbase.  You can then work in Mural without leaving Sprintbase. 

Mural boards created in Sprintbase will also be available in Mural.  Changes made in Sprintbase or in Mural will be reflected on both platforms.  Anyone invited to a Sprint, Open Workspace or an individual mural board can also access these boards.

See also:  Mural Integration

Accessible By*  Facilitators, Team Leaders, Team Members, Observers, Guest Collaborators, Feedback Providers

*with proper permissions

Adding a mural to a workspace

Murals can be added to any Workspace in Sprintbase. 

*Note:  You must have a Mural account to create murals; but you do not need one to work in murals that have been added to your Sprint.
Sprintbase _ Workspace

  1. Click the ADD button
  2. Select Mural...


Linking Sprintbase and Mural

The first time you connect, you will be prompted to log into your Mural account.  After you connect the first time, you will remain connected (though you can switch to a different account).


  1. Enter the email associated with your Mural account
  2. Click the Sign In button
    *If you do not have a Mural account, you can create a free account from here.


If this is the first time you are connecting Sprintbase to Mural, you will need to grant the required permissions.

Mural Permissions

  3.  Review the requested permissions and click the Allow button

Note:  If you are part of a Mural Enterprise license, your Mural Account Admin will need to enable the app before you can connect.

Mural Error


Selecting a mural template

You can select one of your existing mural boards, or create a new board from templates available in Mural. 

Sprintbase _ Workspace-1

  1. Select one of your mural workspaces
  2. Select one of your mural rooms
  3. Choose mural templates to create a new mural board in Mural or My Templates to select an already-created board
  4. Click the CHANGE USER button to switch to a different Mural account
    * Note:  Each Member of your Sprint  logs in with their own Mural account. 
  5. You can scroll through or Search for a particular mural board.  Click a board to select it
  6. Click the CREATE & OPEN button to add the mural board to your Sprintbase Workspace, or click the CANCEL button to abort


Using your mural board

Once you have selected a mural board, it will be added to your Sprintbase Workspace.  On the Workspace, the mural is contained in a small note like other Notes.

*For more detail, see the Note Features article.

Mural Note


Click on the Note to open the mural board.

If you are connected to the Mural account that owns the mural board, or connected as a member of the mural workspace that contains the mural board, you will access the mural immediately.  If you have not been granted access to the board through Mural, you will enter as a guest.


  1. Enter as a Visitor
  2. If you have not connected to Mural you will have the CONNECT WITH MURAL button available
    *Note:  If you do not have ownership of the board in Mural, you will still have access as a Visitor.

Once you access the mural board, you will see all of the mural options, plus some additional options found in Sprintbase Boards. 

Mural-Board (1)

  1. View Fullscreen
  2. Activity Timer
  3. Beacon
  4. View Note Details
  5. Refresh Mural:  Resync the instance of this mural note with your board in Mural.  Changes to the mural board are broadcast between Sprintbase and Mural; but you can click the Refresh Mural to confirm the latest.
  6. Connect With Mural:  If you have not connected your Mural account, click the Connect With Mural button to connect Sprintbase to your Mural account.
    *Note:   If you are already connected, the button will not display.  If you would like to switch to a different Mural account, you can click the CHANGE USER button in the mural selection menu from the ADD button.
  7. Invite Guests
  8. 🖫 Close
  9. Online Status