Guest Collaboration

Team members can collaborate on Whiteboard and Template Notes with users outside of the Sprint team (no license required).

Accessible By*: Facilitators, Team Leaders, Team Members, Observers, Guest Collaborators*
*with proper permissions
**with some limitations


  1. From a Whiteboard Small Note, click the invite icon in the bottom left area of the Note.
  2. From a Whiteboard Big Note, click the Invite Guests button in the top right area of the Note.

  1. Clicking this text will revoke access to the Whiteboard for the previously-generated link and generate a new guest access link.
  2. This field displays the generated guest access link.
  3. Clicking this button will copy the guest access link to your clipboard, allowing you to copy and paste the link with ease.
  4. This field allows you to enter any number of email addresses to which to send secured guest invitations. When entering multiple email addresses, separate each email address with a comma.
  5. Clicking this button will open a new tab displaying a preview of the email that will be sent to each recipient.
  6. Clicking this button will send the secured guest invitations to each recipient.


Upon clicking an invite link, guest invite recipients will be navigated to the page displayed below.


1 - In the Name field, enter a display name for the guest session.
2 - Once you have entered a display name, click the Continue button to continue to the Whiteboard.
3 - When you are finished using the Whiteboard, click the I’m Done button to leave the guest session.
4 - After clicking the I’m Done button on the previous page, if you would like to return to the Whiteboard, you can return by clicking the highlighted text.