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Team Members tab

Any Sprint or Open Workspace can host multiple Teams.  All Teams work on the same Design Challenge and on the same timeline but each Team's inputs are kept separate.   Each Team works independently.  Each Team can only view their Notes, Voting is specific to each Team and each Team will generate separate ideas, prototypes, PDF outputs, etc.  

The Team Members tab lists all members in each Team of your Sprint.  You can move Members between Teams.  You can invite, add, remove and change Roles.  

Accessible By:  Admins, Facilitators, Team Leaders*
*with some limitations

Single Team View

The Team Members tab will default to the Single Team view.
Team Members _ Single Team

  1. Select Sprint Settings from the Side Nav menu
  2. Select the Team Members tab
  3. View all Team Members (and change the team name)
  4. Switch to Multi-Team View
  5. Click Send Invite to All to send invites to the entire team; click View Email Addresses to view a copyable list of the teams' email addresses.

Team Controls

From here you can add and remove Members, change their Roles and invite them to your Sprint or Open Workspace. Sprintbase _ Workspace (1)-2

  1. Click the ADD PEOPLE button to:
    Invite people to the Team
    Add existing users 
  2. Choose the Role for each Member 
  3. Remove the user or send them an invite to your Sprint or Open Workspace.

Invite People to the Team

See also:  Self-Registration

Use Invite to send a self-registration link.  Any new user will have the ability to add their name, create a password and access your Sprint or Open Workspace.  This user will also be added to the selected Studio.  Any user that already has a Sprintbase license will be added to the Sprint and the selected Studio and have immediate access to this Sprint or Open Workspace.  Any user that is already a member of your Studio will not take an additional seat. 

Click the Invite People to the Sprint button and select Invite People to the Team to open the Invite window.

  1. Select the Studio you want to draw licenses from (if the invitee is already a member of that account, no additional licenses will be used). Set the number of days you would like the invite to remain valid.
  2. Generate and copy one link that you can send to participants.
  3. Alternatively, add the email addresses for all invitees and click Send Email to send an invite to the specified participants.

Add Existing Users

Even if you do not have permissions to add users to your Studio, you can still directly add anyone that has a Sprintbase license to your Sprint or Open Workspace.

Click the Invite People to the Sprint button and select Add Existing Users to open the Invite window.

Team Members _ Add users

  1. Add an email address
  2. Click the ADD MEMEBERS button
    Note:  If the user has a Sprintbase license, they will be added to the Sprint .  If the user does not have a license, you can add them to the Sprint as an Observer:
     Sprintbase _ Workspace (2)-1

Multi-Team View

If you wish to have multiple Teams in your Sprint, you can update to a multi-team view at any time.  Each Team will have work on the same timeline and address the same Challenge, but their inputs, outputs, voting, analytics will be kept separate from other Teams. in your Sprint or Open Workspace.

Click the Switch to multi-team link to switch to a multi-team view.

Sprintbase _ Workspace (5)

  1. Access All Teams:  In multi-team view, you can assign users to Access All Teams.  Users in this section assume their Role across all Teams
  2. Team Members:  All users can be added to one or more Teams
  3. Add Team:  Click  the ADD TEAM button to create additional Teams
  4. Change Team:  In multi-team view, there is an additional option to move a user to another team:
    select team
  5. Clone Team:  In multi-team view, Each Team can be duplicated
    Clone Team
    Note:  You can choose to clone the members and/or the content produced by the original Team.