Each Step has a Workspace tab where you can create, add and organize all of the information for your project.

Accessible By:  Admins, Facilitators, Team Leaders, Team Members, Observers


  1. Select the desired Step
  2. Select the Workspace tab

Workspace Features


  1. Studio Logo
    A logo can be added to your Studio and will display on all Sprints created within that Studio.  Click the icon to return to My Home.

  2. Step Name
    The name of the Sprint Step you are currently viewing.

  3. Design Challenge
    This is the challenge you are addressing in your Sprint.

  4. Sprint Name
    The name given to your Sprint.  You can search for a Sprint by name in My Home.

  5. Step Countdown Timer
    Each Step has a scheduled end date and time.  Look here to see how much time is remaining for the currently active Step.
  6. Next Action
    Look here for what is coming next in the Sprint
  7. Step End Date/Time
    Each Step has a scheduled end date and time.  Look here to see the scheduled date and time for the current Step.
  8. Avatar Menu
    Your Avatar menu gives you quick access to areas of Sprintbase outside of the current Sprint.
  9. Workspace/Guidance Tabs
    Most Steps have a Guidance tab and a Workspace tab.  Switch between them here.
  10. Online Status
    Look here to see icons for each participant currently in this Step.
  11. ADD Menu
    Click the ADD menu to see a list of available Note Types in the current StepNotes are how you can add content to the Workspace.  The list will vary by Sprint Type and Step. 
  12. Activity Timer
    Set and adjust a timer for specific activities.  More commonly used during workshops and other synchronous team activities. (Accessible by Facilitators only)
  13. Filtered Views
    Some Steps may have the ability to hide certain categories of Notes.  If these filters are available, they will be displayed here.
  14. Waiting On
    The Waiting On list displays participants that have yet to submit the suggested number of submissions (during the Submission phase) or have yet to cast their entire allotment of votes (during the Voting phase).
  15. Individual Workspace Views
    Some Steps may have a Workspace View.  This view allows you to arrange Notes on the Workspace into a particular layout.  Any Notes created in any Individual Workspace will appear in all other Workspace view; the only difference between these views is the specific layout of the Notes on the Workspace.
  16. Team
    Sprints can have multiple Teams.  The submissions and voting for each Team are tracked separately.  If you are a member of multiple Teams, you can switch between them here.
  17. Step Action Buttons
    There are a few different buttons that can appear in this area.  These will be automatically displayed depending on where you are in the current Step and allow you to move the team forward or backward through the Sprint.  (Accessible by Facilitators only)
  18. Full Screen View
    Click here to maximize Workspace real estate by hiding all other header elements and only showing the Workspace itself.
  19. Side Nav
    This expandable menu gives quick access to all other page in the Sprint, including Steps, Analytics, Dashboard, PDF output and Settings (Settings available to Facilitators only).
  20. Workspace Canvas
    This the main area within which you add all content (Notes).  You can zoom in/out and click and drag to move around.
  21. Workspace Map
    Use the Workspace Map to zoom and navigate the Workspace.  The map itself can also be dragged to any place in the Workspace canvas. 
  22. Support
    The Support Widget contains multiple areas of general support.  Click to access the Knowledge Base, platform walkthroughs, and to connect with the Sprintbase support team. 
  23. Chat
    A simple chat log that will store and broadcast messages to the entire Team.