Custom Guidance tab

From the Custom Guidance tab, you can remove any of the documents or videos that appear in the Guidance tab of each Step in a Sprint.  You can also add documents and videos of your own.  This will update every Sprint created in the specified Step of the selected Sprint Type in this Studio.

Accessible By:  Admins*
*with some limitations


  1. Select Admin from the Avatar Menu
  2. Select the Custom Guidance tab
  3. Select the Sprint Type you want to update
  4. Add a title and description for the file
  5. Select the Step to which the file will be added 
  6. Choose either a file or a video link
  7. Browse for the file or paste a video link
  8. Click Upload to add the file/video
  9. Once uploaded, you can hide or unhide it
  10. Click the image icon to add a cover image to a file
  11. Click the 🗑 Delete icon to remove the file