Members tab

The Members tab displays a list of all license holders in your Studio.  Depending on the particular Studio Permissions, you can add, remove and invite users to your Studio.

Accessible By:  Admins*
*with some limitations


  1. Select Admin from the Avatar Menu
  2. Select the Members tab.
  3. Click link to view Studio Permissions definitions.
  4. View the number of total seats available in your Studio.
  5. Add users in bulk.
  • Download the template file.
  • Add email, first name and last name for each user.
  • Click to Validate and import the file.
6.  Add Members individually

  • Enter the Member email address
  • If the user is not already in Sprintbase, you will be prompted to add First & Last Name
  • Click the Add This User button to add Member to the Studio

7. Update Role or Remove Users

  • Select Admin permissions
  • Click the icon to remove a Member
    • Choose whether the removed Member is also removed from Sprints
    • Click to Confirm
7.  Access additional user information, send Studio invites, adjust Studio Permissions,