Add a Framework

Frameworks are elements you can add to a Whiteboard canvasThese are primarily used to help section parts of the Whiteboard canvas for better visual organization.

Accessible By*: Facilitators, Team Leaders, Team Members, External Collaborators
*with proper permissions

  1. Select the button labeled “Add a Framework” from the left menu of the Whiteboard to display the framework menu.
  2. From this menu, a framework can be added to the Whiteboard by clicking and dragging a desired framework from the menu to any spot on the Whiteboard.
  3. Each category name in the list can be clicked to expand or contract its group of icons or illustrations.
  4. An expanded category’s icons and illustrations are listed in a grid beneath the category.
  5. When a framework is added to the Whiteboard, it is initially locked. To resize or move the framework, it must first be unlocked.