Save & Close

The Save & Close button will close the Whiteboard Note and update the image on the Small Note in the Workspace.  If no changes are made to the Whiteboard canvas, the button will simply read Close.  Note:  All changes are automatically saved and immediately broadcast to all users regardless of whether the Whiteboard Note is closed; but the best practice is to click the Save & Close button before navigating away from the page or leaving the page idle for long periods of time.

Accessible By*: Admins, Facilitators, Team Leaders, Team Members, Observers, Guest Collaborators, Feedback Providers
*with some limitations

  1. Prior to making any changes to a Whiteboard, this button will read “Close”.
  2. After making changes, this button will now read “Save & Close”. Clicking this button will now save the changes you have made and close the Whiteboard.