Users & Settings

Invite participants and manage their Roles in standalone Boards.

Accessible By*: Admins, Members
*with some limitations

  1. Select the Users & Settings button from the top bar of the Whiteboard
Manage Board Members

  1. Press this button to display the member invitation menu. This menu allows you to generate a shareable link to the Whiteboard or send invitations directly over email. Members added in this way are added to the Whiteboard as well as a selected studio, using a license.
  2. Much like in Sprint Settings, this field allows you to add existing members to the Whiteboard.
  3. These buttons allow you to send invites to all members of the Whiteboard and view a compact list of all current members of the Whiteboard.

Invite Guests

  1. From this menu, you can invite guests by generating a shareable link or by sending an invitation directly over email. Guests added in this way are not added to the Whiteboard or a studio and therefore do not require a license.
Board Permissions

  1. Similar to Sprint Settings, this menu allows you edit the permission for members of the Whiteboard.
Copy Board

  1. Selecting the Copy option allows you to copy this Whiteboard to other Sprints and Workspaces